Once the most beautiful woman in France, I can't believe you're not willing to watch a banned film



Isabelle Adjani

Adjani was once hailed as "the first beauty of France", and even though she has passed away, she will always be the "first" in my mind。

Among the French movie stars we know, she may not be as well-known as Sophie Marceau, the "French rose", or Eva Green of the new generation。

But there is a rumor on the lake: the entire 1980s of the French film industry, is the world of Agani。

When she quit the Theatre de France, the director of the Theatre said: "Only one Agani can be produced in a century.。”

Unfortunately, by the time my generation began to learn about foreign films, her golden age had passed。

In addition, she is very strict in her selection of films, the requirements for roles are very high, and the cooperation with Hollywood is very little, her classic screen comes from relatively niche literary films, rather than commercial films。


But, from today on, I don't want you to miss her again!



Adjani was born on June 27, 1955, in a poor suburb of Paris during the Algerian War。She was born to a German mother, Augusta Adjani, and an Algerian father, Mohamed Cherif Adjani 。

Her childhood was short of material life, living in a violent environment, and because she was at the bottom of society, she suffered serious racial discrimination。这导致阿佳妮的性格敏感又易怒。

Later, due to the language barrier caused by communication, Adjani once suffered from autism。

Influenced by the artistic atmosphere of the surrounding area, she began performing amateur theater while still in elementary school。She fell in love with acting because it gave her an outlet for her pent-up emotions and a stress-free hysteria while playing a role。

In 1969, at the age of 14, Adjani made her film debut during the summer vacation。

At the age of 16, Adjani was admitted to the Theatre de France, and later attended a number of stage and TV plays while attending school。

In 1970, at the age of 15, Adjani made her first film, Little Coal.。

In 1972, she was invited to shoot Foskina and the Beautiful Summer.。Subsequently, he was admitted to the famous French Theatre, and performed many stage plays such as Moliere's "Madame School"。

In 1974, Adjani's wonderful performance in the film "Slap" conquered the crowd and won the Acting Shanna Award, which was unanimously praised by the critics。她也从此下定决心投身于电影事业。

At the age of 19, she was selected by the famous French New Wave director Truffaut to play Hugo's daughter in The Story of Adele Hugo。During the filming, the director gave her free rein, and she lived up to expectations, portraying the character of Adele, the daughter of the great French writer Victor Hugo。

With the release of "The Story of Adele Hugo", Adjani shot to fame and became the "number one beauty" in France.。



This is related to her works, she created a lot of personality weird, neurotic image, so that her beauty is often a kind of defensive and stubborn, a "left behind and independent" sense of distance。就是这份独特让人格外着迷。



Quiet state of Agani (sometimes I wish she was just a quiet beautiful woman...)

Insane state of Agani (but so not crazy not to survive her, it is addictive ah!)



That's it. While we're amazing Adjani's beauty, we're also amazing her acting skills。God gave her the face of an angel and gave her talent。

Five Cesar Awards, one Cannes, one Berlin, two Oscar nominations。

It is not difficult to believe that the French film industry in the 1980s was dominated by her。

From the success of "The Story of Adele Hugo", Adjani began to deduce the road of madness。




I wonder if Truffaut still has the camera he used to make The Story of Adele Hugo?Because the glass of the camera that was subjected to Adjani's gaze must have cracked, if not gone crazy

In this shot, she said a sentence: "Thousands of mountains and rivers, thousands of mountains and rivers, to meet you, this kind of thing only I can do!"

This movie is about how a young woman became a street urf and then died alone in a nursing home。

But Adjani's performance makes the story more delicate and easy to understand than tragic。

A girl flying across the sea, alone, looking for the original lover, but encountered the lover's change of heart, so she used all the begging, threatening tricks, she became unlovable, she finally lost the dignity in front of everyone。

In the film, Adjani's neurotic acting is already showing。Crazy diary, imagination, lying, begging and revenge and so on details, madness。阿佳妮真正把阿黛尔演活了。

I believe that people who have seen this film, as well as this scene of meeting and not knowing each other, feel a bit。

"Thousands of mountains, thousands of rivers, to meet you, such a thing only I can do!"She still believes it all these years later。People are already crazy, but faith to death, reality and faith, the contrast is the long aftertaste。

This was the first film I saw of Adjani, and then I fell into the trap, most of her films were not my original taste, but because of some magic of her, I watched one after another...)

When watching this film, I always think of Vivien Leigh of A Streetcar Named Desire, they are the same neurotic, full of lies, lack of security, they put that kind of fragile and proud state of deduction too catch people!

This is Adele Hugo, and this is the assertiveness of Adjani at the age of 19。



Adjani is one of the rare French actors to gain critical recognition for genre and horror films。

Infatuation, a French ethical horror film that was banned for 18 years, tells the story of a woman who makes a deal with the devil。

Mark's wife, Anna, has left home without giving a reason, and Mark suspects that she is having an affair with a man named Hayne。而后,他发现海恩也在寻找安娜。The private investigator hired by Mark also goes missing, and finally Hayne tells Mark that Anna has a crush on a monster (a creature resembling a giant octopus)....

The original detectives are killed by Anna, Hayne was also injured by her, but the mark that knows all this is still determined to kill all the people who know, he wants to protect Anna, but Anna has brought back a man who is exactly the same as Mark...

This movie is really creepy for some Scaredy-siders (well, me), but Adjani is really amazing in it。


Without any special effects, through body movements and facial expressions, laughing, moaning, yelling, wailing, vomiting, leaning forward and backward, falling to the ground and convulsing, she plays "the devil's upper body" deeply and convincingly。


Best quote: "Adjani's performance is stunning, as if the demon possessed her was still steaming hot gas."。

What's even more amazing is that at the same time, she plays two roles in the film, one is a devil, one is an angel。

Another angelic figure is Queen Margot.。




Adjani, 40, seemed to have an easy time playing Queen Margot, 20。Maybe this 162-minute historical biopic is a little tedious for some people (okay, me again)。But for the sake of Ajani's face, we are still brave place open。

When I open it, I realize that Vincent Perez is a Greek sculpture。

Aside from the appearance level, this is actually a very meaningful film, adapted from the novel of Alexandre Dumas, depicting the famous tragedy in Western history - "St. Bartholomew's Night", the fight between Catholics and Protestants。It covers killing, war, jealousy, humiliation, ambition and forgiveness。

The relationship between the characters is very complex, including incest, illegitimate children, gay love and other factors, you need to use a piece of A4 paper to smooth。

The film won the Best Actress and Jury Prize at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival and the Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Costume design at the 1995 Caesars Film Festival。

The Best costume design award is really not for nothing, and I can't help but put some beautiful pictures...

She had black hair, lustrous skin, fleshy eyes, long lashes, a small red mouth, a graceful neck, a soft, plump body, and a child's feet wrapped in high-heeled satin shoes。The French are proud to have such beautiful flowers on their land。

Here's what Dumas said about Queen Margot in the original。

(" Skirt flying day 2008, Douban score 7.8》)

People who like Agani very much will be afraid to watch this film, because we are afraid to see her fat, afraid to see her old, this is how normal psychology, because she has been worshipped as a god, we are afraid of her becoming imperfect。

But we will still go to see, after reading we breathed a sigh of relief, the original her aura and madness will not decrease with the increase of years。

This is Adjani, who is fifty-five, but her eyes are as clear as those of fifteen, and I don't know who else can do that。We can still see through her eyes that kind of hysteria, that kind of commitment, she seems to have been a lifetime, has not changed a bit。

这仍然是关于一个失控的故事。The distorted education system makes arrogant students completely ignore the teacher, and the teacher picks up a gun at the students under an opportunity to "have a good class".。

Ajani presents the teacher's patience, anger, and instant volcanic eruption in a subtle and perfect way, and her own presence is undoubtedly the biggest plus point of the film。

Your face alone can tell a moving story, and your gaze alone can create a dramatic atmosphere。You could even do a movie without a storyline, which would be a documentary about you that would rival any feature film。




"Because she has always avoided discussing her private life with the public and the media, rarely giving interviews to the media, and since the 1990s has lived in seclusion in Switzerland, she has become one of the most mysterious actresses of contemporary French cinema。"


Despite her best efforts in life to keep publicity low, her troubled relationship with Daniel Day-Lewis has been brought up from time to time。

From 1989 to 1994, Adjani fell in love with Lewis, another theater geek。Lewis is the first textbook actor to win three Academy Awards。

Both of them are known as "play magic", "crazy", "crazy", and "crazy", and they understand each other when they meet。After they got together, they put down their careers as actors and disappeared from the public eye。During this period, Adjani gave up the opportunity to act in Basic Instinct, Immoral Business and other films, and Lewis love for six years。

On April 9, 1995, Adjani gave birth to Lewis's first son, Gabriel Kane, but shortly after the birth, Lewis filed for divorce, citing his "refusal to be a father."。

In fact, while Adjani was pregnant, Lewis went to the United States to visit the author Arthur Miller, whom he had admired for a long time, and met Miller's daughter Rebecca by chance, and the two fell in love at first sight and quickly developed into lovers。

On November 13, 1996, Daniel married Rebecca Miller, the daughter of American playwright Arthur Miller, and became a full wife slave, after which the two had two children, and the man who "refused to be a father" became the father of two children。

On the eve of Lewis' wedding to Rebecca Miller, he wrote a note to Adjani:


The romance, which began as a delight, ended in a torrent of abuse against Lewis for "cheating on philandering men.。But instead of being depressed, Adjani proudly told Lewis about the happiness and pride their children had brought her。

Actually, Gabrielle Kane is Adjani's second child。

At the age of 21, Adjani fell in love with director Bruno Nuiten, who was ten years older than her, and was mercilessly abandoned shortly after giving birth to a child。此后,阿佳妮还帮他瞒了十多年。


This is the eternal Agani, stubborn, serious, beautiful, let people can not move their eyes。她本人就像一个行动的故事。看她的电影,永远沉醉其中。


Once the most beautiful woman in France, I can't believe you're not willing to watch a banned film
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