Why is Eddie Peng suddenly no longer popular?

Peng's rise to fame has had some twists and turns。

Starring in "Fairy Sword Legend" visibility, not a few years was the company snow, and then with "Roll it! Ashin" comeback。

After Peng Yuyan skyrocketed, "Cold War", "Fierce War", "Hurry Year", the mainland market was opened。

Especially since 2016, Peng Yuyan's resources can be said to be the first person in those years, and he can be seen in many big productions。

"Cold War 2" co-stars Leung Ka-fai and Aaron Kwok, "City in Danger" Louis Koo for his side, "Operation Mekong" is the main theme of the blockbuster, "The Great Wall" is Zhang Yimou's masterpiece, "Ride the Wave" is Han Han's second film;

"When is the Bright Moon" director is Xu Anhua, partner is Zhou Xun, obviously aimed at the film to take the award;

"Evil does not press positive" is the final chapter of Jiang Wen's North Ocean trilogy, which is difficult for mainland actors to get their hands on. It entered Jiang Wen's eyes, which means that there are works spreading。

Such resources, according to Lei Jun's words, standing on the tuyair, even a pig can take off, so smashed, Peng Yuyan finally entered the ranks of fame。

But in 2020, Peng's resources suddenly ran out。

Compared with before the sky is very different, the data on the Internet is not as good as before, it seems that it is not red all of a sudden。

In 2019, there is only one guest "Late Night Canteen", and in 2020 and 2021, there are three movies, "Emergency", "Once Upon a Time in the Tropics", "First Fire Incense".。

However, these three films are not new films, are two or three years ago, but there has been a backlog of unreleased only, but this year, Peng Yuyan even stock is gone。

Why is Eddie Peng suddenly no longer popular?

If you want to find the answer, you have to know how Wan Wan holds people。

Wan Wan packaging artists have a customary way, what are the hot dance diva, love song king。

Now it has become Xiao Jingteng's rain god, Wang Mainland's big mouth, Huo Jianhua's veteran cadre, Ouyang Nana's cello genius。

Then find a few old actors or popular actors to play, improve their coffee position, create a bubble economy of false prosperity。

Such as making a film to learn a skill of the representative characters Zhang Zhen and Peng Yuyan, Zhang Zhen somehow turned to a Golden horse best actor, but Peng Yuyan ten years as a day, acting in place。

Peng is known for learning a new skill every time he makes a movie。

TV series "I in Kenting weather" learned to surf, "Roll! Xin" learned gymnastics, shooting "Battle" learned to fight, shooting "Huang Feihong hero Dream" learned to southern boxing。

For "Breaking the Wind", he learned to ride; for "Operation Mekong", he learned Thai and could speak fluently; for "Once Upon a Time in the Tropics", he learned to repair the air conditioner。

Can shoot so many movies, learned so many skills, cooperated with Jiang Wen, Lam, Ann Hui and other great directors。

But his acting still stays in the "Roll it! Ashin" period, that is, his acting has not improved for ten years, the base of lines is basically zero, and other foreign languages are learned very well, but Mandarin is not brilliant, Taiwan is very awkward。

Now as long as his movie is released, the focus of the publicity is not only his body, but also his body, from which we can see that Peng Yuyan really has no other bright spot。

Peng Yuyan's performance in Evil Never Overcomes Good can be summed up in two words: awkward and crushing。

He was embarrassed, being crushed by everyone, he tried to imitate Jiang Wen, how to paint tiger is not anti-dog。

His understanding of the role of Li Tian is too superficial, and Jiang Wen's films will inevitably penetrate a lot of Jiang Wen's thoughts, so it may be difficult to interpret the role according to his own ideas。

And Peng Yuyan is no talent, and can not improve their own acting idol actor, compared with Liao Fan and Jiang Wen's parity, Peng Yuyan and Jiang Wen's performance is simply terrible to see。

This leads to a strong sense of isolation in "Evil does not press Right"。

Xu Qing's one-man show is very charming, very seductive, people will not forget after reading for a long time, Jiang Wen and Liao Fan's "serious people who write diaries", as well as Liao Fan and Zhu Yuanzhang's stalk, let people see unforgettable。

Only Peng Yuyan in the whole film has no bright spot, can be remembered only Huang Bo in the "Crazy Alien" mentioned that the big butt bare。

If "Evil does not press good" is because Jiang Wen's personal style is too strong to press Peng Yuyan, can Peng Yuyan still have no outstanding place in "Tropical Past"。

"Once Upon a Time in the Tropics" is a pseudo-literary film full of cheap, intentional, showy and imitation traces。

But it is such an artistic film that relies on actors to support the film, Peng Yuyan's acting is still not qualified, his acting does not match the style of the film, there is no psychological and emotional performance of the role。

Producer Ning Hao and director Wen Shipei should know that the biggest weakness of Peng's acting is the subtlety of his lines and performances, so Peng barely has any lines throughout the film。

Moreover, the color of the film is dark, the outline of the characters are hidden in the dark, and the details are not clear, even in broad daylight, Peng Yuyan also wears a cap with a low brim。

Maybe they're in the thick of things。

This does not need any lines, all rely on the actor's acting sense of hierarchy to promote the plot of the performance more test acting。

When Peng Yuyan plays with Zhang Aijia and Wang Yanhui, it is obvious that Peng Yuyan is difficult to catch them throwing plays, and in most cases, he responds with a dull face。

"Tropical Past" is like a mirror, the important thing is not the shape and luster of the mirror itself, but through the mirror you can see your true appearance, Peng Yuyan exposed。

What Peng needs to do is transition from a natural actor to a performance actor。

Acting actors show their own charm through the role they create. Such actors will not limit themselves in the same dust, but have the courage to challenge, and can constantly seize opportunities to break through and enrich themselves。

This type of actor pays attention to "not breaking", intended to hide themselves behind the role, the audience remembers the role has always been, every time will give the audience a "cosmetic" experience。

At the same time, it will also let the audience feel the fleshly life of human beings, rather than unattainable, out of the idealized image of life, so Peng Yuyan, the next time I see you, I hope to see no more body。

However, it may be difficult for the future Peng Yuyan to have the opportunity to transform。

Because after years of understanding, the capital thoroughly found that Peng Yuyan can not carry the box office, the same literary film, his "Tropical Past" box office is only 64 million, Hu Ge's "South Station Gathering" is 200 million。

The world is bustling with people, all for profit。

Three years of the epidemic, the economic downturn, the film industry dare not take risks。

The whole industry is either dead or half dead, and the rest of the day is like a year, two thirds of the film projects have stopped, and the film and television companies have laid off 30 percent of their staff, and now it has risen to 50 percent。

Today, cross-strait relations are tense again。

While croaking, national confidence exploded, everything was black and white, and there was no room for rationality and neutrality。

Those who do not state their position, that is to stand on the opposite side, once there is any wind and grass, the face is the capsizing of the ocean, that is, water can carry the boat can also overturn the boat。

Peng Yuyan is a Wan Wan actor who has never expressed his views and positions positively。

If cross-strait relations are difficult to further break the ice, or Peng has any flaws, a film will face the risk of being difficult to release and boycotted。

So the capital will naturally abandon Peng Yuyan, and choose other insurance actors, after all, the industry is depressed, can not afford to big tossed。

In addition, the mainstream trend of domestic movies is no longer about faces。

But the national degree, professional ability, irreplaceability and the power of example, such as Wu Jing, Shen Teng, Wang Baoqiang and others。

So the Chinese film history of the box office top several are them, and Peng Yuyan this type of actor, the mainland is the least shortage, after all, everything in the mainland。

As can be seen from the box office data, when the star can't make money, it is time to split。

When streaming stars were in power, films starring Lu Han, Li Yifeng, Yang Yang, Zhu Yilong, Xiao Zhan and Li Xian didn't earn much at the box office。

The highest is Lu Han's "Tomb Raiding Notes" with 1 billion yuan, followed by Li Yifeng's "Animal World" with 500 million yuan, and the rest can have 300 or 400 million yuan。

As for Peng Yuyan, the peak period is not as popular as them, and the flow rate is not optimistic。

In addition, in recent years, Peng Yuyan starred in some movies, the box office is not as good as year after year, and the capital is blind, their money is not caught by wind。

2017's Wukong Legend, box office 6.9.8 billion, 2020 "Emergency" box office 4.In 2021, "First Incense" earned 64.21 million yuan, and "Once Upon a Time in the Tropics" earned 64.09 million yuan。

And the ratings of these four movies?It's like a bunch of weasels -- one litter is worse than the next。

The Legend of Wukong 5.1. "Emergency" 5.9 points, "First Incense" 5.0. Once Upon a Time in the Tropics. 6.Two points, five years, a starring film, the highest rating is just just pass。

Neither can afford to carry the box office, no works, no acting, the age of 40, Peng Yuyan has no trump card, so he was abandoned。

Peng's sudden hiatus also sounded the alarm for other actors of the same age。

When an actor only has age, but no acting skills, he should try to improve his skills, instead of always thinking of tricks。

Everyone always says Andy Lau is the idol school, but Andy Lau has been red for 40 years, so far, the popularity is not reduced, the resources are continuous, there are three golden picture of the best actor, two Golden Horse Best actor。

If Peng Yuyan wants to be as popular as Andy Lau for a long time, he should stop being obsessed with his body. Huang Xiaoming is a typical example, he will be eliminated sooner or later without acting skills。

Why is Eddie Peng suddenly no longer popular?
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