Fukuhara love and Jiang Hongjie divorce storm: reveal the premeditation and harm behind!

Recently, Fukuhara Ai accused her ex-husband Jiang Hongjie of premeditated "stabbing", and said that his life has been seriously affected。The incident has attracted widespread attention, raising interest in the dispute between the two and the divorce case。Fukuhara and Chiang Hongjie's divorce case has attracted media attention since it began, and the conflict between the two has gradually escalated。However, Fukuhara's accusations made the whole incident more confusing, causing people to question and think about the truth。

Fukuhara reportedly believes that Jiang Hongjie's actions at the press conference were premeditated in order to "stab" her.。Fukuhara, who has been on the defensive for the past few days, did not expect Jiang to act so quickly and called a news conference with her lawyer。This makes Fukuhara feel unprepared, for this sudden situation, she can only use "hurt" to describe their feelings。

At the previous press conference, Jiang Hongjie thanked the Japanese court for the decision against Fukuhara Ai, and said that he won the case。He also warned Fukuhara that if she did not cooperate, he would not rule out taking compulsory action to bring his son back to Taiwan Province。However, Fukuhara love is not too anxious, she called on Jiang Hongjie family matters privately resolved, do not use the power of media public opinion。Fukuhara does not believe that the verdict means that she lost, and she is relatively calm about the whole incident。

Ms. Fukuhara's lawyer also issued a statement strongly criticizing Mr. Jiang for holding a news conference without consulting her。The lawyer stressed that Jiang Hongjie's behavior seriously damaged Fukuhara's work and reputation, which is a serious human rights violation。Fukuhara's lawyer expressed strong dissatisfaction with Jiang Hongjie's behavior, believing that his move is a kind of harm to Fukuhara Ai。

However, Jiang Hongjie's side also has its own set of rhetoric。According to reports, Jiang Hongjie had obtained the verdict of the Japanese court in advance of the press conference, and spent more than NT $3 million to travel to Japan to announce his victory。This suggests that Jiang Hongjie's actions were not impulsive, but deliberate。Fukuhara's accusations have also made people wonder whether Jiang Hongjie's actions were really premeditated。

Fukuhara's accusation is not without merit。After Jiang Hongjie held a press conference, according to a Japanese weekly report, this matter not only caused the debate between the two groups of netizens, but also set back the friendly relations between Taiwan and Japan for nearly 10 years。Some Japanese media even said that the people have been unable to produce feelings of love for Fukuhara, which shows that this matter has a huge impact on her personal image。

Fukuhara Ai before the divorce lawsuit, fame and income can be said to be superstar level。However, after Jiang Hongjie's press conference, she has been criticized by a number of Chinese state media, and some even suggested that she has seriously gone downhill。This makes the pressure on Fukuhara become very large, domestic and foreign eyes are focused on her actions。

In addition, Japanese lawyer Yasuhiro Motomura said in an interview that if Fukuhara really lost the case, the most serious situation may face being issued an international arrest warrant。This is because Jiang Hongjie got the Japanese verdict, and does not rule out that they will take action to enforce Fukuhara Ai。The news has people thinking about whether two adults after divorce should get along for the sake of their children, rather than using them as bargaining chips。

To sum up, Fukuhara accused Jiang Hongjie of premeditated "stabbing", and her life was seriously affected。The incident has raised concerns about divorce cases and how two adults deal with each other after divorce。No matter what the final outcome is, hope that they can put the interests of the child first, peacefully resolve the dispute, and create a good environment for the child to grow up。After all, they are both parents who love their children and should work together for their children's well-being。

Fukuhara love and Jiang Hongjie divorce storm: reveal the premeditation and harm behind!
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