17 years later to look at "rich wife" Xu Ziqi: saying that she is a winner in life is everyone's biggest misjudgment

December 15, 2006, is the most glorious day of Xu Ziqi's life。On that day, she tied the knot with Lee Ka-shing, the second son of "Asian stock God" Lee Shau-kee, and began a new chapter in the life of a wealthy family。However, the beginning of entering a powerful family is only a complex prelude, followed by more challenges and tests。

Hsu Ziqi's dowry was not just fame, it was a deep commitment。For her parents, marrying their daughter into a wealthy family was a long-held goal, and they even moved graves in search of auspicious times to ensure that she would marry into a prestigious family。It was a decision that guided Hsu's life, as she was groomed to become a supermodel, receiving a superior education and striving to conform to the image of a wealthy wife。

Xu Ziqi's persistence and efforts were not let down, she not only married into the family industry's 100 billion business empire, but also promoted from "100 billion daughter-in-law" to "100 billion wife".。However, it is the story behind this that is truly amazing。Xu Ziqi is not only a passive "chess piece" on the road of this rich family, but also chooses to give up her career and love under the expectations of her parents。She has paid a great price to fulfill her parents' dreams, and this price is also accompanied by inner struggle and confusion。

As time goes on, Hsu gradually adjusts to the rules of life in a rich family, and her personality changes。She became more easygoing, simple, compassionate。The change brought her closer to her true self, not just a tool of her parents' obsession。Although her dreams and goals seem to have been realized, Xu Ziqi has paid too much effort and sacrifice。

Throughout the process, Hsu has struggled to fulfill promises, overcome difficulties, and adapt to change。Her persistence and dedication can not be ignored, although the road of the big family is not smooth, but she gets a sense of accomplishment and respect from it。Now she can finally relax and pursue her interests and passions because she has proven her worth and is no longer just a pawn in her parents' plans。

17 years later to look at "rich wife" Xu Ziqi: saying that she is a winner in life is everyone's biggest misjudgment
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