"Rebel actor" Deng Chao: cohabiting Hao Lei but married Sun Li, after marriage and Jiang Yiyan ambiguous angered Feng Xiaogang

Wong is not the only couple to break up over rumors

And Hao Lei and Deng Chao

"It's just one group."

"To promote one of his shows."

"He can tear us apart like that."

In 2005, Hao Lei received a message

Boyfriend Deng ChaoWhen I was shooting "The Boy Kang Nanhai"Having an affair with a cast actress

Furious, she killed directly to the cast and Deng ChaoGot into a big fight

This matter became crushing two people's feelingsThe last straw

Hao Lei didn't know until many years later

Deng Chao is having an affair with an actressThe crew fabricated

Just so she could make a sceneTo promote the TV series

Poor feeling to deep Hao Lei for this and Deng Chao break upSuffered from severe depression

But back then, they were known in showbizGolden boy and girl

Deng Chao and Hao Lei met inThe cast of The Young Man

The two people inside the play do not like to play outside but come together

The two not onlyBe open about your relationship

Even reprintCouple tattooTo show their determination never to break up

I never thought it would last

When Deng Chao was in loveWayan and fatherWas diagnosed one after another疾病

So he can only work hard to make money

Too few together and too many apartLet the two of them love is not the past

Just then Hao Lei received itLou Ye, the famous literary film directorThe invitation of

The quality of the script goes without saying

But there areTwo nude scenesPut her off saying yes for a while

And Deng Chao learned this matterRefuse decisively

He's having a hard time with his girlfriend exposing herself

But the thorniest issue right now is Hao LeiA cinematic transformation is badly needed

So between love and career

Hao Lei chose the latter

This also led to her relationship with Deng Chao for a timeDrop to freezing point

Of all placesCritical momentHao Lei was cast in "Chong Boy Kangnanhai"陷害

Leading to a complete breakup

This promising relationship ended in a split

If Hao Lei and Deng Chao areDestined, not divided

That Jiang Yiyan to Deng Chao completelyPlot evil

In 2014, during the filming of the Four Most Famous Arrests

Jiang Yiyan relying onThe moon is always near the waterCondition of

Active hookupDeng Chao has a family

At the same time, she uses her contacts

Hard handleOneself and Deng Chao affection scene

Thrust uponOvershadowing the heroineLiu Yifei

The seduction wasn't enough

Jiang Yiyan again in the film conferenceDescribe the relationship between two people

Not at allThe queen Sun LiPut in one's eyes

To my surprise

It wasn't long before Deng Chao and Jiang Yiyan were photographedLate-night trips together

Various onlineHd coding mapgossipIt spread like wildfire

And the next day theseThe pictures, the hammer, all vanished

It's like it never existed

It's hard not to suspect that it isTwo guilty acts

Jiang Yiyan a plan not and heart born a plan

On the show Running Man

Every chance she getsPlay spoiled to Deng Chao

Even regardless of the camera next to Deng Chao directly into the arms

Scared Deng Chao shouted

"I'm a family man."

Although Deng Chao said so

Hug Jiang Yiyan's handsBut very real

And then he said, half-jokingly

"My woman Jiang Yiyan"

Two people blatant behavior let Sun Li sad

Sun Li wrote in 2015Goodbye love goodbye marriage

Concise and comprehensive expression of Deng Chao and Jiang YiyanAccusations and heart death

Then she deleted this article in seconds to make people unpredictable

But this is not the first time Deng Chao let Sun Li sad

早在2009年When I was shooting The Dragon Slayer

He just talked toShe an Yexuangossip

Even have传闻Says the two were assaulted by Sun Li at the hotelCatch sb in the act

Deng Chao to cover up the matterCost 80 millionBuy it back from Zhuo Wei“证据”

Although Deng Chao and Sun Li now maintain in front of the publicAffectionate appearance

There is no smoke without fire

The apparent peace between the two may be due toAn undivided wealth

When you laugh at Deng Chao's poor English

He's probably laughing at you for notFour villas in Shanghai

He's with Sun Li500 square three-story villaLocated among the richJing 'an District, Shanghai

The interior is luxuriously decorated

The gates are grand and splendidAll made of copper

The living room is big enough to ride a bike

overdiningCrystal ceilingIncomparably bright

Even their familyA pit bull worth $100,000They all have separate rooms

Private pool, gym, gardenWait for everything

Price of the whole villa plus decorationNo less than 40 million

The other two are inHuangpu DistrictHave a setGreat flat

You can enjoy it without leaving your homeRiver view and Oriental Pearl

加上Two other properties

One property in Shanghai alone is owned by two people200 million or so

As a rich super brother to go out naturally can not lose face

$3.2 million LamborghiniTo blow up the street.

Four million Bentley ContinentalIt's the lady's mount

Five million Maybach S600And he got it, too

The reason why Deng Chao has a luxurious life

And benefit from the fact that he has already becomeBig money

The house price in Beijing is 5000 one flat2000年

邓超Make two TV seriesI can buy one

As one of his shows became a hit, so did the moneyA rising tide lifts all boats

It is said that filming only one TV series is now easyBrought in 40 million

Then he boardedNational Variety "Running Man"The heat has never been higher

The high salary allowed him to rely on this single varietyAmassed $72 million

Not to mention appearances at other variety shows

The head of the men's running team in KoreaYoo Jae-seokIt won't last a season720,000 RMB

Even Deng Chao'sNot a dime

In fact as early as2011年Deng Chao startedFrom star to capital

Independent business with Yu Baimei cooperation foundedOrange juice impression

加上Enlight Media's investment

So it wasn't long after we startedInvestment China Partner

The film was an instant success5.700 million box office

Behind Deng Chao also earned POTS full of pot full

He took advantage of the heat of the running man"The Breakup Guru"

It got a bad rap but it won6.600 million at the box office

As the gold owner, Deng Chao was so excited that he couldn't sleep all night

Then he built on his success and investedChen Qianqian, Wolf Warrior 2

Each one is a ratings matchA million dollar hit

What do you mean it's realI get a cramp from counting money

Taste the sweet Deng ChaoCooperate with 360Set up dandelion Entrepreneurship program

Investment coverageMore than 80 institutions in film, television, technology and finance

Now he is richBillions of dollars in capital

But once he wasBeijing leader Feng Xiaogang's "lockdown"

"I think we should talk about our rally numbers."

"I don't think we need to waste this time."

"Because no one is interested in movies, only in private life."

"So we don't have to waste this time."

The explosive scene took place at the launch party for Assembly

Feng Xiaogang then directly led the rest of the crew离开

Leave Deng Chao alone face awkward scene

The cause and effect can be traced back to his 2006 film《金沙电子官方在线》

Although Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi, Daniel Wu and other big names add to the film

But the unsatisfactory plot still leads toBox office fiasco

Feng Xiaogang is eager to use a new filmProve oneself

On the recommendation of Zhang GuoliTake over "Assembly."

Feng attaches great importance to the show

Not only pullAn $80 million investmentreorderZhang Hanyu is the lead actor

At the same time, Liu Heng, China's first screenwriter, recommended himDeng Chao plays two men

But Deng Chao Zheng and Sun LiFall in love

In addition to "Assembly," he also轧戏Sweet Honey

Feng Xiaogang is often on the setCan't see him

Sometimes even specializedWait for him for half a day

One by one he was dissatisfied with Deng Chao

The film is finally finishedPublicity stage

Deng Chao is once allTurn up one's face

Feng Xiaogang has made good and bad remarks to promote the filmGet people togetherTo the MTV extravaganza

Did not expect three days fishing two days drying net Deng Chao

Actually winFavorite actor award

But when he accepted the awardNot a word about the movie

Instead to Sun LiShow love through space

"The last person to thank is a girl named Sun."

"This award is for you."

"Because it's one of your emotions that supports and encourages."

"I'll put it in the bathroom of your new house."

Because Deng Chao this reporter interviewJust focusing on his relationship with Sun Li

完全Neglect the film

Feng Xiaogang
The last strawThere's the opening scene

So far Deng Chao is completely offended thisBeijing Circle big guide

"Assembly" won in 2008Four awards of the Volkswagen Hundred Flowers Awards

Feng XiaogangAn eye for an eye决口Don't mention Deng Chao

After Deng Chao self-directed and self-starring "Villain Angel" won6.400 million box office

What a coincidence and Feng Xiaogang's "Mr. Six" andHit the schedule

Picking up a jealous Feng Xiaogang“手滑”

Like the bad review of "Villains and Angels"Got caught red-handed

He still does not solve the gas in 2015讽刺3.The Running Man movie is a 5

They say it only takes five or six days to shootDon't deserve a movie

Deng Chao also not be outdone document"Chicken Thieves and Art"Fight back against Feng Xiaogang

Due to each otherToo powerful

邓超Delete the stolen number immediately

But no one in showbiz has a problem with money

At the 2015 Golden Rooster Awards

By virtue ofThe Burning SunXin Xiaofeng corner downGolden Rooster Award for Best Actor

Then Feng XiaogangOffer to give a hug

This decade-plus long“暗战”Was able to cease fire.

But don't know if it getsThe true biography of Huang Xiaoming

Deng ChaofenBe in a good movie就要Directing a bad play

And because he wasRunning Man has a funny imageBe deeply rooted in people's hearts

Even when she was cast in Zhang Yimou's Shadow, she was crazy about her roleLose 40 pounds

并且One plays two roles

But in return for this evaluation"Always felt like he was gonna laugh the next second."

For an actor

Be marked with"Variety cafe" labelWhich meansThe end of a career

Just don't know what means Deng Chao should use to break through the current predicament

"Rebel actor" Deng Chao: cohabiting Hao Lei but married Sun Li, after marriage and Jiang Yiyan ambiguous angered Feng Xiaogang
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