Thai version of "Meteor Garden" perfect ending!Introduce you to the high appearance level Thai F4

The Thai version of "Meteor Garden" recently came to a perfect end, and the leading actors have written farewell to their roles on IG。Thailand is following Japan, South Korea, China after the remake of "Meteor Garden" the country, the starring actors are the new generation of Thai actors, the high appearance level of the lineup also let the Thai version of "Meteor Garden" has not been broadcast first caused hot discussion。

Follow the author to meet these 6 fairy appearance level of young actors!

Thai version of the Temple -- Bright

Bright can be said to be a popular Thai boy, with 13 million followers on IG. Born in 1997, he has become extremely popular at a young age, becoming the first Thai male star with more than 10 million followers。This time playing the Thai version of Tao Ming Temple, there is a vaguely cute side in the play, once again numerous circles of fans。

Bright is versatile. In addition to being an actor, a model and a football player, he can also play guitar, bass, jazz drums, piano and other Musical Instruments. He has also uploaded videos of himself playing and singing on IG, and his warm male voice has moved his fans。

Bright loves to fight Muay Thai in private, and often shares videos on IG, showing his muscular body generously for fans to feast their eyes on。It can only be said that Bright, who has the stature, appearance and talent of all kinds, is indeed the best candidate to play the Temple of Tao Ming!

Thai fir -- Tu

With a girl-next-door temperament, Tu is a new generation actress born in 2000. She made her TV debut as Shan CAI in the Thai version of Meteor Garden. Before that, she was a model。

The first acting Tu with natural acting and beautiful appearance to gain a praise, the star of the road。In fact, Tu studied in Thailand's first university Chulalongkorn University, the dental department, is completely a top student, but also a private fan of many Korean idol groups, such as EXO, NCT, RED VELVET fans。Hope to see Tu in the next production soon!

Thai version of the flower - Dew

Aside from Bright, the most talked-about Thai F4 is Dew!Born in 2000, Dew has a proud height of 1.9m, and his beautiful male appearance has won the hearts of the audience。

The Thai version of "Meteor Garden" is Dew's debut work, playing the flower type, he interprets the image of belly black and gentle and considerate quite well, so that many fans hope that Sugi can be with him。Dew, who is also a model, has a golden ratio of nine heads, which is completely a walking clothes rack, and Dew, which is greatly increased in popularity through Meteor Garden, is also a promising future!

Simon Tai - Win

Win is certainly no stranger to those who have always paid attention to Thai entertainment, and he and Bright both opened their popularity in Asia in 2020 by starring in the BL drama "False Idol" fire。Win and Bright also work together often, such as TV series theme song cooperation, shooting commercials, etc., and this time they are also a member of the Thai version of F4。

It can also be seen from the IG that the two are also good brothers in private, and will meet to fight together, watch concerts, and celebrate each other's birthdays。Win, who looks thin, actually has strong muscles. Besides Muay Thai, he also loves to play golf!

Thai version of the beauty - Nani

Nani, who plays a beautiful work, gives a more Bohemian sense of ganginess than Bright, Win and Dew's handsome line, and the unique temperament makes people unable to notice him。The small ponytail style of personality is very reasonable on Nani, and you can also see photos of his short hair not tied up in IG, full of lazy and decadent youth。Although it is the first time to act, I believe that Nani will definitely be more in the circle with her unique style in the future!

Thai version of Xiao Yu - Prim

Born in 2004, Prim has accumulated a lot of acting experience at a young age. She has appeared in movies and TV series as a child star since the age of 10. This time, she has been widely discussed for her beauty in the Thai version of Meteor Garden。Prim's private dress is completely different from the pure student style in the show, and she is a world-weary spice girl style, and her IG is completely a textbook dress!

Thai version of "Meteor Garden" perfect ending!Introduce you to the high appearance level Thai F4
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