He Chaoyi announced her husband's illness, throw gambling king daughter halo personal care, Pansy Ho remote support

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And Pansy Ho a mother compatriots, is also considered to be the "gambling king" the most favored daughter, He Chaoyi and her husband Chen Zicong story has been concerned, born of the rich family she is not like her sisters into the family business work, but became an artist, more in accordance with their own mind to marry not high visibility peers。

However, Ho's perfect marriage has had its ups and downs in recent years。On August 16, He Chaoyi responded to her husband's illness in front of the camera for the first time, revealing the details of his coma for one month and one week。

He Chaoyi said that her husband Chen Zicong was diagnosed with a major artery tear in October 2022, and he was rescued for a full four days. During his coma, the doctor once said that he "did not know what to do".。

After a series of rescue, although Chen Zicong has been out of life danger, but the body left a lot of problems, still need follow-up treatment。

Chen Zicong sick process, He Chaoyi has been accompanied by her husband's side to accompany, take care of him, now for her husband's experience before and after illness, has been considered to be willful and arbitrary He Chaoyi revealed her deep feeling。

Make good on your promise to disclose her husband's condition

As early as 2016, Chen Zicong suffered from liver and intestinal disease, and after a period of treatment, he was skin and bone。

At that time, there were media photos of Chen Zicong thin, his body is obviously thin, but the stomach is very large, but the couple did not disclose the details of the condition。

After the illness, Chen Zicong was once asked by the doctor to quit smoking, drinking, and greasy, but after a short "obedient" three months, he left the doctor's advice behind。The husband's casual also let today's He Chaoyi said not without helplessness。

In October 2022, Chen Zicong, who went back to Australia to visit his family, lifted heavy objects without controlling his diet, causing his body to look different again。

He Chaoyi recalled, initially just feel her husband's face is very strange, follow-up, Chen Zicong sent a friend to the hospital fainted, sent to the emergency department in the process was officially diagnosed as a major artery tear。

During the four days of surgery, Chen Zicong had multiple problems in his body and needed blood transfusions every day。

He Chaoyi and Zheng Yuling dialogue also for the first time external memories, Chen Zicong after the operation is full of tubes, stomach high bulge like pregnant for nine months。

In June 2023, Ho Chaoyi and her sister Pansy Ho attended the opening of the family hotel together and revealed to the media that her husband was very ill, but because it was an important day for the family, she promised to make it public thereafter。

Now fulfill the promise to announce the details, He Chaoyi also revealed in the most flustered time the first thought is sister He Panyong, people in a foreign land and crisis moment, sister's calm gave her courage。

Ho Chaoyi said that after hearing the situation at that time, Pansy Ho reminded her sister to comb her head, do not brush her teeth, put on serious clothes, face the doctor neatly, and use her calm to bring energy to Chen Zicong。

You know, He Chaoyi has always been regarded as the most "rebellious" daughter of the gambling Wang family, before the opening ceremony of the family hotel, the gambling Wang family gathering, He Chaoyi said he was in a bad mood, lamenting the last family so together or his father's funeral。

But He Chaoyi is the most afraid of a mother compatriots sister He Pansiong, she once revealed that when he was a child, he cried, his sister often hit a slap, let himself dare not fool around。

Her most respected is also his sister, He Chaoyi decided to make a career in the entertainment circle, He Pansy on the circle of friends to take care of their sister, which let her first entered the entertainment circle to get a lot of resources。

In 2022, He Chaoyi revealed that it is very hard to be a supervisor, even if he invests, he will be bullied, and finally rely on big sister He Pansy to deal with it。

Therefore, when the gambling king family gathered at the opening ceremony of the hotel, He Chaoyi only revealed that her husband's body became very weak, got a "very troublesome" illness, and she lost her time in order to take care of her husband, but she was not willing to say more because she did not want to disturb the focus of her sister that day

Now, He Chaoyi announced her husband's illness, the details of her husband's coma for more than a month, both to fulfill the last commitment to the media, but also as always dare to say, and she suddenly met the change, the first time to choose to help the sister's performance also again revealed the sisterhood of the family。

Never give up in sickness

He Chaoyi can be said to be the most beloved daughter of the gambling king, as long as she opens her mouth, the father will basically respond, and even He Chaoyi has become the only son of the gambling king who was sent to a star by his father。

Not only that, the gambling king also specially customized a symbol of the star full of diamond watch to He Chaoyi, really is the father held in the hand of love。

Thousands of spoiled, He Chaoyi has also become the most "rebellious" children of the gambling king family, alone in the entertainment circle, but also refused the rich fatherly brother, married Chen Zicong who is not well-known。

Because of the disparity in family, Chen Zicong was once no shortage of controversy, in 2003, Ho Chaoyi and Chen Zicong's wedding, Stanley Ho, who was holding his daughter's arm, told his son-in-law to remember the "three obediences and four virtues".。

However, after marriage, He Chaoyi and Chen Zicong have been very loving。Accustomed to life in the family since childhood, and Chen Zicong after marriage, although He Chaoyi is still very personality, but for love has always adhered to。

In 2016, when Chen Zicong was hospitalized with liver problems, He Chaoyi accompanied him throughout the whole process。

After Chen Zicong recovered, He also worked with Chaoyi in 2019, and the couple's feelings were as deep as ever, envying a lot of viewers。

Now, Chen Zicong is seriously ill again, for this relationship, He Chaoyi is still not leaving。

During the coma, Chen Zicong toes purple, cold, He Chaoyi eat high-calorie food every day, wear warm clothes, with his hands to warm his feet, warm joints, she did not have the daughter of the gambling king of the proud, but as Mrs. Chen caring。

When he just woke up, Chen Zicong was a little depressed, his body was thin to skin and bones, and He Chaoyi encouraged him every day like a child, telling him that today was better than yesterday。The outside world always thinks that He Chaoyi is rebellious, but in love, her warmth is fully displayed。

In the live connection with Chen Zicong, he also said that his wife accompanied him every day, so that he was very moved,

Although, He Chaoyi and Chen Zicong marriage is not optimistic about the outside world, but He Chaoyi but with their own never abandon to prove that two people have been a couple deep love, in a critical moment revealed the soul。

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He Chaoyi announced her husband's illness, throw gambling king daughter halo personal care, Pansy Ho remote support
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