Best actor Zhang Yi: After caring for his first love in a vegetative state for 10 years, why did he turn around and marry the second CCTV hostess?

In 2015, the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards ceremony was held as scheduled.

Zhang Yi won the best supporting actor award for his role in the film Dear,

To everyone's surprise, when Zhang Yi accepted the award,

A golden butterfly suddenly landed on his neckline and refused to leave for a long time,

This scene caught the eyes of all the people present,

So some media dubbed Zhang Yi "attracting bees and butterflies",

Some netizens joked that he was the "male version of Xiangfei"...

(Butterfly lands on Zhang Yi's neckline)

But as public opinion continues to ferment,

A beautiful and touching love story gradually emerged,

The story is about no one else,

It was Zhang Yi and his first girlfriend Guo Na。

So, what are the hidden stories in all of this?

01, Zhang Yi has a "broadcast dream" since childhood, a strange combination of circumstances like to perform

Zhang Yi is from Harbin, born in 1978.

His parents are both educators. His father teaches music and his mother teaches Chinese。

Though born into a scholarly family,

But Zhang Yi was never a child to let her parents worry.

Don't like to study, very naughty, every once in a while have to make some trouble,

Parents can do nothing about it。

(When Zhang Yi was a child)

Since he was in primary school, his father had intended to cultivate Zhang Yi's musical cells.

I hope he will follow in his footsteps and make a career out of music,

Unexpectedly, Zhang Yi had no interest in music and instead fell in love with broadcasting and hosting.

His dream is to become a gold medal host,

Accept flowers and applause from the audience。

In order to realize this dream, during the summer of sophomore year,

Zhang Yi secretly applied for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute without her parents' knowledge.

As a result, his professional scores successfully exceeded the admission score of Beiguang University.

But unfortunately, he was not accepted in the end,

The reason is that he has not finished high school and is not eligible for admission。

(Zhang Yi childhood 2)

Although she was not accepted in the first exam, Zhang did not give up.

In the second year of the college entrance examination, he applied for the Beijing Broadcasting Institute again, and he is likely to win。

At that time, Zhang Yi's comprehensive score ranked third in Harbin City.

Being admitted to Beiguang is almost a sure thing,

But something unexpected happened. That year, Beiguang only hired two people in Harbin.

In this way, Zhang Yi once again missed her dream university。

(When Zhang Yi was young)

After failing the college entrance examination, Zhang Yi was depressed and became very decadent.

At that time, the Harbin Drama Institute was recruiting students.

So his father suggested Zhang Yi to have a try. Unexpectedly, it was a success.

In the end, Zhang Yi successfully passed all the exams,

He became a freshman in the performance department of Harbin Drama Academy。

After entering the school, Zhang Yi found that she gradually fell in love with drama performance.

He really enjoyed being on stage,

Every day was filled with passion and power, and from that moment on,

He began to make up his mind to follow the path of acting and become a good actor。

02, for the dream to become north drift, beautiful first love was separated by the girl's parents

After studying in Harbin Drama Institute for half a year,

Zhang Yi, who had just turned 20, decided to seek a bigger stage,

So he came to the capital Beijing with his dream。

After several twists and turns, he was admitted to the Beijing Comrain-in-arms Drama Troupe with excellent results.

Put on a beautiful military uniform, became a glorious art soldier,

One step closer to his dream。


Although Zhang Yi took an important first step,

But the rest of his journey was not smooth,

It can even be described as bumpy and tortuous。

At that time, the Comrades-in-Arms Repertory Troupe set up several classes,

Including performance class, dance class and so on, and Zhang Yi belongs to the performance class。

The performance class brought together young people from all over the country,

They're all great, and they're all pretty,

Only Zhang Yi looks too ordinary and has no "star look" at all。

The "short board" in appearance caused invisible pressure to Zhang Yi,

In order to prove himself, he decided to study harder,

Constantly improve their professional ability。

(Photo of Zhang Yi and his comrades)

For a long time, Zhang Yi did not get the chance to perform on stage,

To change that, he volunteered to be a drop-in host,

And he wrote the monologue all by himself,

In order not to affect the performance, he often stayed up late writing, never shouted tired。

Fortunately, hard work pays off. Thanks to Zhang Yi's good writing,

Therefore, he was appreciated by the leader of the troupe and was promoted to an officer.

After that, he finally got a chance to stand on stage,

And comrades in arms to exchange skills, common progress。

At that time, Zhang Yi was at the age of youth and the beginning of love.

Full of longing for love, at this time,

A beautiful girl named Guo Na came into his life。

(Zhang Yi talking about his first girlfriend Guo Na)

Guo Na is Zhang Yi's classmate.

Not only is she beautiful, but her family is very privileged,

It is reported that Guo Na's father is a businessman, rich,

Her mother was a very famous stage actress,

Enjoys an important position in the circle。

In terms of appearance and family conditions, Zhang Yi and Guo Na are not at all compatible.

But they fell in love and loved each other,

A young and beautiful first love began。

(When Zhang Yi was young)

Since romance is forbidden in the theatre,

Zhang Yi and Guo Na had to secretly start an underground love affair,

When it was time for vacation, the two would sneak out on dates,

To enjoy a rare moment together, of course,

They didn't forget to put their careers first,

Often discuss performance together, encourage each other, make progress together,

As time goes on, their affection grows,

Gradually developed to the point of talking about marriage。

(Zhang Yi recalls his first love)

Zhang Yi and Guo Na both decided that they were the ones to spend the rest of their lives with,

So things such as marriage and meeting parents were put on the agenda。

To make a good impression on Guo Na's parents,

Zhang Yi made a special arrangement to dress up,

And took a carefully prepared gift to Guo Na's house,

But what happened next hit him hard。

(Zhang Yi was rejected by the wife's parents)

Guo Na's parents completely despised Zhang Yi, not only because he was ugly,

He also said that his family conditions are too bad to be worthy of his daughter。

What's more, Guo Na's mother attacked Zhang Yi's looks to her face.

Said he looked like the brigade accountant, old and ugly,

Your face looks like it's been sat on。

Hearing such comments, Zhang Yi felt very unhappy.

The meeting between the two sides ended badly。


Although Guo Na loved Zhang Yi very much, she was also a dutiful girl.

Because Guo Na's parents have always been prejudiced against Zhang Yi,

Adamantly opposed to the two being together, the two were forced to break up。

They say first love is the most unforgettable, even after a breakup,

Zhang Yi's heart still can not let go of Guo Na,

Two people from lovers to make ordinary friends, occasionally contact, worry about。

03, because of "soldiers assault" fame, first love in a car accident into a vegetative

After breaking up with Guo Na, Zhang Yi concentrated on his career,

Try to improve yourself, one step at a time。

In 2002, Comrade-in-Arms Drama Troupe prepared the drama "Soldiers Attack"

Zhang Yi worked hard to get the "B corner", although he did not perform in the end,

But he still knew the whole script by heart, and he did it with confidence。

(Soldiers' Assault)

As the saying goes, opportunities are always for those who are prepared,

Two years later, director Kang Honglei decided to adapt the drama version of Soldiers Assault into a TV series.

When Zhang Yi learned the news, he was so excited that he could not sleep for several nights.

Because he knew that the opportunity he had been waiting for had finally arrived。

In order to star in the TV version of Soldier Strike,

Zhang Yi wrote a 3,000-word letter to director Kang Honglei,

In the letter, Zhang Yi not only wrote down his own understanding and perception of the script,

He also expressed his desire to play "Xu Sanduo", revealing sincerity in every word。

But unfortunately, Kang Honglei had already cast Wang Baoqiang as Xu Sanduo,

In the end, Zhang Yi can only play a supporting role for Wang Baoqiang, playing a small part of the "Shi monitor"。

(A still from "Soldier Assault")

Although she failed to play the leading role, Zhang Yi did not lower her demands on herself.

He began to seriously study the role of "Shi monitor" and interpret the story with his heart.

Finally, through efforts to present a flesh-and-blood character image to the audience。

And then, Soldier Strike hit the big screen,

Became the most popular military drama,

Zhang Yi has also gained popularity。

But no one knew that it was during this time,

Zhang Yi, however, experienced the "darkest moment" of his life,

A sudden change made him miserable, but also became his lifelong regret。


One day in 2004, Zhang Yi, who was filming a movie, suddenly received a cold call.

The person on the phone told him that Guo Na had been in a very serious car accident,

Turned into a vegetable。When I first heard the terrible news,

Zhang Yi couldn't believe it. Her mind went blank.

Until he saw Guo Na lying unresponsive in a hospital bed,

Then he realized that it was all true, and the tears began to flow uncontrollably,

Once the dribs and drabs in his mind constantly flashed, making his heart cut。

(Zhang Yi recalls the past)

At this time, Zhang Yi was full of remorse and remorse.

He regretted not fighting hard, not protecting Guo Na,

That led to this end。

Although doctors say there is little hope that Guo Na will recover,

But Zhang Yi never gave up. When she wasn't filming,

He would visit Guo Na with flowers, often for a whole day,

He sat by Guo Na's hospital bed and kept talking to her,

Reminisce about the good times they had together, hoping to wake her up。

(Zhang Yi mentions his first girlfriend Guo Na)

Once, Zhang Yi was in front of his hospital bed telling funny stories about the past.

Then he noticed that Guo Na had left a tear in the corner of her eye,

He was so excited by this discovery that he called the doctor,

But the doctor told him that this is just a normal reaction, Guo Na did not wake up。

After learning the result, Zhang Yi was very disappointed. On the way home,

He could no longer control his emotions and burst into tears。

Take care of your first girlfriend for ten years, and your wife never leaves

Just when Zhang Yi thought she would never have love again,

Qian Linlin appeared and brightened his life anew。

(Qian Linlin)

One day in 2006, Zhang Yi was invited to record a program on China National Radio.

After finishing work, he was preparing to go home when it suddenly began to rain heavily outside.

Without an umbrella, he had to stand at the gate and wait for the rain to stop。

Just then, a young woman came out of the building,

She kindly handed Zhang Yi an umbrella and helped him solve his urgent need。

The young woman was Qian Linlin。

(Qian Linlin and her ex-husband Zheng Hong)

Qian Linlin, who is six years older than Zhang Yi, graduated from Shenyang Conservatory of Music.

Later, he joined China National Radio.

So he started his own hosting business。

Qian had a failed marriage before she met Zhang Yi,

Her ex-husband is Zheng Hong, a famous go player。

According to media reports, Qian Linlin and Zheng Hong met through friends,

The two fell in love at first sight and quickly got married。

But unfortunately, the marriage didn't last long,

Qian Linlin is outgoing and likes to make friends;

But Zheng Hong is a quiet person, the biggest hobby is playing chess,

Often sit all day long;Because of their personality differences,

That's why this marriage didn't end well。

(Zhang Yi and Qian Linlin)

The failed marriage hit Qian hard,

After the divorce, she suffered from mild depression, overeating,

As a result, weight gain and image loss,

Fortunately, in the end, she overcame all the psychological obstacles herself,

I regained my confidence in life。

But what Qian didn't expect was that

Because of her umbrella, she actually contributed to the fate of her and Zhang Yi。

(Zhang Yi and Qian Linlin)

Because of this "umbrella", Zhang Yi and Qian Linlin became friends.

To thank Qian Linlin for her help, Zhang Yi decided to invite her to dinner.

But at that time, Zhang Yi's career was just starting, and his wallet was cleaner than his face.

In desperation, he took Qian Linlin into a beef noodle restaurant,

I ordered two bowls of the cheapest beef noodles to show my thanks。

In fact, Qian Linlin doesn't like noodles at all.

But when she saw Zhang Yi's sincerity, she didn't refuse.

He ate all the beef noodles very loudly。


Qian Linlin's move moved Zhang Yi very much,

There was an unforgettable warmth in his heart,

After this incident, the two people became more and more frequent and close。

When Qian Linlin learned that Zhang Yi was taking care of his first girlfriend, who was in a vegetative state,

She decided that Zhang Yi was a good man who valued love and would not marry him in this life.

And Zhang Yi unknowingly fell in love with Qian Linlin, decided to marry her home。

Soon after, Zhang Yi and Qian Linlin held a wedding ceremony in their hometown in northeast China,

The two walked down the aisle hand in hand。

First love girlfriend turned into a butterfly, Zhang Yi finally sweet

I do not know if it is Qian Linlin "Wangfu", since the marriage,

Zhang Yi's career began to take off unstoppably。

Following her role in Soldiers Assault, Zhang has appeared in several popular films and television productions,

Including "Beijing Love Story", "Dear" and so on,

He made his mark in the film industry with his solid acting skills,

Gained a vote of love and recognition from the audience。

(A still from "Dear")

In addition to a thriving career,

Zhang Yi and Qian Linlin's marriage is also very sweet.

Two people understand each other, support each other,

Feelings are getting deeper and deeper, and no one can't live without each other。

After the marriage, Zhang Yi did not cut off contact with his first girlfriend Guo Na,

He kept taking care of her, he went to the hospital every other day,

Very concerned about Guo Na's condition,

His wife Qian Linlin not only did not object, but also supported him very much。

(Zhang Yi talking about his first girlfriend Guo Na)

In 2014, Guo Na, who had been lying in a hospital bed for a decade, left,

Zhang Yi was out of town filming when she heard the news,

As a result, he could not attend Guo Na's funeral, which became his lifelong regret。

They say that when you die, you turn into a butterfly and fly to the one you miss most,

And Guo Na seemed to turn into a butterfly and flew back to see Zhang Yi。

(Butterfly lands on Zhang Yi's neckline)

In 2015, Zhang Yi was invited to attend the Golden Rooster Awards ceremony.

And won the best supporting actor award, and when he spoke to the press,

A beautiful golden butterfly suddenly flew into the meeting,

Finally settled on his neckline and refused to leave for a long time...

Although Guo Na has left forever, in Zhang Yi's heart,

Always keep her place, because they were once in love,

The years we spent together cannot be erased。

But that didn't stop Zhang from marrying his wife Qian Linlin,

They had been married for years and were still very close,

It is a rare "model couple" in the entertainment industry.。

(Zhang Yi won the prize)

It is worth mentioning that because Zhang Yi has been shooting films away from home for many years,

As a result, he and his wife Qian Linlin often live apart,

He still has no children, and Qian Linlin understands him very well.

The couple have been enjoying the world of two people, lived a very happy life。


Well, as they say, sweet comes sweet,

Only through the trough of life, can ascend to the peak of life。

Now Zhang Yi has finally gained a happy marriage and a successful career,

Expect him to be better and better in the future。

Best actor Zhang Yi: After caring for his first love in a vegetative state for 10 years, why did he turn around and marry the second CCTV hostess?
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