"Old drama bone" He Bing: Marriage to maintain 22 years why 0 gossip, see who the wife is to understand

I believe that as long as you mention the strong male stars in show business, you will certainly think of many people's names likeWu Jing, Wu GangSuch people, are relying on their own strength step by step to the big red。

In other words, it is not very easy to enter the show business, not only to have excellent acting skills, but also to have certain opportunities and popularity。

Some people are at the peak of their debut, while others have to go through the rough and tumble before they slowly make it to the screen。

"Old drama bone" He Bing: Why the marriage to maintain 22 years without gossip, to see who the wife is to understand

He Bing belongs to such a person, his family is not very good, and in his life has suffered a lot of setbacks。

Even the cost of their own marriage or use some part of the wife, is the so-called have a good wife。

All difficulties in the eyes of the problem is not a problem, he has become one of the late bloomers。

Rebellious children have obsessions

In 1968, He Bing was born in the capital Beijing, but his family was not rich, and the family was still self-sufficient in one day。

When He Bing was young, his parents' guidance was very strict, because it was influenced by The Times。

His parents still insist"Talent comes out of the stick."Such an idea。

He Bing himself is also thinking of ways to hide, but also from time to time to see the face of parents to speak。

After getting used to it, He Bing's mouth was very smooth, and he was also eloquent, so he was spared the suffering of the stick。

"Old drama bone" He Bing: Why the marriage to maintain 22 years without gossip, to see who the wife is to understand

When he went to school, because of the particularity of his family environment, he had a rebellious psychology very early, and it became worse in high school。

Not only did he hate studying, but he always skipped class and went out to play. From a very young age, he was always watching characters on TV。

He planted the seeds of being an actor in his heart, and with his slow growth, this idea has been deeply rooted in his heart。

And in my spare time, I often go to the park, sit on a seat, close my eyes and think about the scene that I will be an actor one day, and I can perform on the stage。

As long as the heart is full of a cavity of blood, but like his appearance and body, how can such conditions enter the temple of dreams to learn。

"Old drama bone" He Bing: Why the marriage to maintain 22 years without gossip, to see who the wife is to understand

Although he loves the profession of actor very much, but originally his study is very poor and coupled with his grades are not impressive, want to go to the film school to see it is a dream。

Later, he learned that the Central Academy of Drama enrollment, not simply look at the looks, He Bing holding the determination to seize this opportunity, secretly hide from the family with auntBorrowed $5 and signed up

However, when I was in the exam, I found that the appearance of other candidates was very handsome, and I was not confident in my heart。

Fortunately, after a fierce competition, the invigilator was very satisfied with He Bing's performance, so he was successfully selected。

Step by step

During the school, he has been constantly studying acting skills, rehearsing drama sketches, etc. During this period, his performance skills have been greatly improved, and after graduation, he still arrivedCentral People's Academy of Art"And began performing on stage。

"Old drama bone" He Bing: Why the marriage to maintain 22 years without gossip, to see who the wife is to understand

However, he encountered the repeated problem that no notice had come to him because of his appearance, but he was not discouraged。

Instead, he kept encouraging himself to overcome these difficulties until he ran a full four years as a soloist。

No matter what role has lines or not, he is dedicated to the performance, in the various sets of hard work, so his serious attitude has been recognized by many people。

Every day when the crew ran announcements, he would ride his old bicycle。

Going back and forth is also used to, but also their home is Beijing, will be able to mix the mouth to eat。

It was not until 1993 that He Bing was finally arranged to perform in a play by the academy《金沙电子官方在线》After the show。

The audience's voice and applause rang through the sky, and he finally ushered in a turning point in his acting career。

Later He Bing received a lot of excellent drama"The Orphan of Zhao" and "After the Rain"Wait, with his solid acting skills and vividness,He won two clubs

Since then, he has gone from being an uncoveted sidekick,Step by stepGot a great cast。

All it takes is one meal, three sentences

In fact, behind this has always been the support of his wife to come to today's stage, but he and his wife have passed22 years of wind and rainBut there was no sign of his wife。

Can only say that He Bing put his wife behind the scenes to protect too safe, like beingIt's been frozen for 22 years。

And there have been rumorsTwo people are not feeling changedOr maybe they're divorced?Who his wife really is。

All this started with a show he participated in, when many fans and netizens were curious about the emotional life of the two, in the Venus program, just mentioned this thing。

Turns out he andThe wife ate a meal, and after three sentences, the engagement was sealed

In 1997, He Bing's performing arts career has not improved, and he has never dared to think about his feelings, just want to make money well。

But a phone call, let He Bing catch by surprise, when he picked up the phone that moment is destined, the spark of love is about to bloom。

I heard the voice on the phone so familiar, and after saying hello to each other, I knew that he was his classmate Li Haiyang。

Li Haiyang was studying in Japan at that time, and after graduation, he found a normal job to stay in Japan, and it happened that the two were classmates and also did the same desk。

Li Haiyang actually means very simple, that isA simple chat, two people meet a piece of tea chatHe Bing's heart has been touched to see her。

The next day, the two had another meal together, and the two talked and chatted at the dinner table. Li Haiyang said:"I'm 29 years old and I should be married this time next year."

Li Haiyang said hesitantly:"I'll marry you."

He Bing was stunned at the time, but quickly said:"Yeah, no problem."These three short sentences made the two fall in love。

22 years of unforgettable love

After the two promised, Li Haiyang went back to Japan to work, because of special reasons Japan must resign six months ago, so to get the annual bonus, the second year to return。

He Bing heard his words, the heart is actually very pleased, because he still has more than half a year to save money, to hold the wedding。

The two eventually got togetherIn June 1998, they got married, went hand in hand to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage certificate, and the two families ate a meal with each other

"Old drama bone" He Bing: Why the marriage to maintain 22 years without gossip, to see who the wife is to understand

Until 2004, the two also ushered in the crystallization of love, He Bing also said that at this time to have a child I am very happy。

Today, the relationship between the two remains stableVery good. 22 years without an affairHe Bing also gave his savings saved over the years to his wife for safekeeping。

Obviously, the two were not bound by marriage, and after six years of having children, the seven-year itch was nothing。

After 22 years of ups and downs, He Bing finally has his own family, with his own strength in exchange for the peak of his acting career, it can be said that he is a good actor worthy of praise。


He Bing is a very good actor, she tells everyone with her own life, down-to-earth efforts to forge ahead, will one day stand in this shining stage, many roles he has played over the years, have been his interpretation of very deep。

In marriage, a meal three sentences to set their own life events, why not is a bold decision, after 22 years of ups and downs, the two people have never been entangled in gossip, but also hope that their future life will be better and better。

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"Old drama bone" He Bing: Marriage to maintain 22 years why 0 gossip, see who the wife is to understand
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