Child stars become superstars after their debut, but their "demon" was returned by the entertainment industry, and now it is very sad

Lindsay Lohan was once an American superstar,She is also a famous female star all over the world,In the millennium,Maybe a lot of viewers who do not pay attention to the entertainment industry in Europe and the United States,Everyone knows Lindsay Lohan, the actress,Child actress Lindsay Lohan,Super beautiful and sophisticated from childhood level,Although there are many obvious freckles on the face,But it doesn't detract from Lindsay Lohan's beauty at all,Instead, it's a plus for her looks,The most popular period,Lindsay Lohan's fan base is truly global

If Lindsay Lohan hadn't gone crazy,,Selena Gomez may not be the most followed female star on Instagram right now,Unfortunately, Lindsay Lohan really does not cherish her feathers,Led to a global fire,Lindsay Lohan is known as the "national daughter" of the United States,In the end, it was completely blocked by the entertainment circle,I'm sure many of you have seen Lindsay Lohan when she was 12 years old.,Lindsay Lohan was cast by Disney in the film when she was 11 years old,Lindsay Lohan, who has no acting experience, played two roles in the film,It was a great success,Because of this movie,Lindsay Lohan was an instant hit,Officially entered the show business,The whole audience fell in love with the little girl with red hair and freckles。

Later, Lindsay Lohan's acting career was all about success,Ever since we shot "Made for each Other",Lindsay Lohan is officially a Disney actress,As a Disney-signed actor,Lindsay Lohan is also getting a boost from Disney,Lohan later starred in a series of Disney teen dramas,Making Lindsay Lohan an American superstar,Everyone in the audience loved the "daughter of the nation.,In the millennium,Lindsay Lohan was definitely the most famous female star at the time。

Lindsay Lohan wasn't just a global superstar,It is also a global network red with its own traffic,At that time there was no "Internet celebrity",Lindsay Lohan has become a global Internet celebrity,Besides the fact that it's already a hit,Lindsay Lohan was also the first person to be photographed by the media,Lindsay Lohan's street photos still look beautiful today,And the outfits are totally out of date,Lindsay Lohan was already wearing it,Her style is a global trend indicator,In the millennium,Lindsay Lohan is best friends with Britney Spears and socialite Paris Hilton,The trio aren't just superstars, either,It is also the world's largest traffic influencer。

But although the fame of that time is no one can surpass,But Lindsay Lohan really is a super smart actress.,Since Lindsay Lohan was 21,It's officially downhill,Since I was 21,Lindsay Lohan is on the road to depravity,One scandal after another was exposed,Probably at the peak of his career,People red also began to drift,Lindsay Lohan has been introduced to Dupin,He lost control of his car and the police detected traces of drugs in his blood,So began Lindsay Lohan's life in rehab and the police department。

As once an "American girl",Suddenly was exposed to the news of xi poison,You can imagine the contrast for the audience,Lindsay Lohan, however, has not been deterred by the scandal,Instead, it just got worse,Lindsay Lohan has been jailed six times in six years,All kinds of negative news such as xi drugs, fast driving, theft and so on,It all happened to Lindsay Lohan,The police station is where Lindsay Lohan is most often seen,That's why I don't know how to converge,Lindsay Lohan was banned from showbiz for good,Disney released her from her contract,Show business has officially returned her。

Just a few years,Lindsay Lohan for Being a demon,Life has also taken a super turn,From the original global superstar,Became a regular at the police station and rehab, Her life is nothing but lawsuits,It also led to a dramatic change in Lindsay Lohan's appearance,She was just 27 years old at the time,But the whole person is old and not presentable,It shows how much harm du can do to a person,As a former superstar,Lindsay Lohan was considered by the media to be the successor to Anne Hathaway,But Lindsay Lohan is really playing a bad hand。

Lindsay Lohan during her time in the spotlight,Her various scandals are too numerous to count,Whether with the same sex or the opposite sex,Lindsay Lohan's romantic interests are both male and female,But what really got her through the core,Or because of all the scandals that have broken out since she let herself go,Now Lindsay Lohan has been completely banned from the entertainment industry,Completely unable to work, she is also visibly old,Lindsay Lohan was just 31 years old at the time,But he looks like he's 51,I'm like a big mama,Once the "daughter of the nation",There's no way back。

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Child stars become superstars after their debut, but their "demon" was returned by the entertainment industry, and now it is very sad
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