Wang Jing wife recent photos out, sweet and good figure, no wonder not with Qiu Shuzhen together

Hello, everyone, this is Keer Love Entertainment。There are so many famous directors in China,And good plays are made,Except the cast had to pass,You have to have a good director and a good script,The director plays a very important role in the production of the film,A good director knows how to bring out the strengths of the actors the strengths of the script,And there are many famous directors in China,They all had very classic works,Wang Jing must be one of them,But in recent years, the quality of Wang Jing's work has steadily declined,He was once called the king of bad movies。

If all the other directors are striving for a good show,Good things take a long time,Director Wang Jing's current style is all about quantity,He is currently the most prolific director in Hong Kong,But he's also the best director at making bad movies,His career as a director actually started very early,It has something to do with his father,Back when he was young,He has a lot of classic works,What God of Gamblers and Truant were all big hits at the time。

From a small studio,To the famous director in the back,At first, Wang Jing really climbed up one step at a time,The style of the film is constantly changing,And in the process of doing so many scenes, he has "seen a lot of women",He made a lot of female stars famous in the process of becoming famous,And these people all have a name called "Crystal Girl.",Like the goddess Qiu Shuzhen Lin Xilai is Wang Jing holding red hand,So later there are many actresses like Wang Jing friends,After all, he has so many resources at his disposal。

Wang Jing once said a word, he said, "as long as I want, when can be hidden rules", this sentence is not just say, he did have a strong means of making stars at that time。The relationship between Wang Jing and Qiu Shuzhen is also very good,When Qiu Shuzhen was not popular, Wang Jing gave him several plays to make her popular,At that time, the relationship between Wang Jing and Qiu Shuzhen was very good,They became lovers,But it didn't take long for them to break up,There was a contradiction with Qiu Shuzhen,Ms. Qiu guessed he had a crush on someone else。

But that's all history now,Now Qiu Shuzhen lives very happily,He has a happy family of his own,And Wang Jing has a life of her own,Recent photos of Wang Jing's wife have been published,Even though the photos don't look good anymore,But there was a hint of her mother in his daughter,You can guess how beautiful Wang Jing's wife was when she was young,Skin tone is also very well maintained,No wonder they split up in the end,Because Wang Jing's wife was also very beautiful when she was young。

Wang Jing wife recent photos out, sweet and good figure, no wonder not with Qiu Shuzhen together
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