It was wonderful!"Xu Song is not as good as Hua Chenyu" music critic Liang Yuan and the kid against each other

When it comes to the imp Wang Linkai, everyone's first thought may be rap, after all, he first appeared in the public vision is "The Rap of China", but his performance in the program is poor, was directly eliminated by the producer。

Later, the imp participated in the "Idol Practitioner" as a trainee, thus becoming a fire。

Kid's cool appearance is popular with fans, as one of the NINEPERCENT members, kid with hip-hop rap super skills in the team occupies an indispensable position, although the popularity is not CAI Xukun, Fan Chengcheng, but now only 24 years old, his career is also thriving。

The dispute between this and the music critic Liang Yuan is mainly because this time in a music program "The voice of God" Liang Yuan thinks that he was not moved by the child's musical expression, the child replied "headphones are not good, did not hear", at this time the host asked if it is a response, the child answered "it is also counted"。

From here on, Liang Yuan's tone began to be more blunt, saying, "This is the second time that such a situation has appeared on the stage, I hope that the two people can sincerely exchange music," at this time, the kid replied, "You can manage it?"?

After the beginning of a variety of pull, some netizens said that the child's attitude is particularly like his childhood disobedience, and the teacher's face。Some netizens also said that Liang Yuan did not understand anything and deliberately picked at the imp。

After the end of this matter, the imp fans began to attack Liang Yuan's social media, saying that Liang Yuan attacked the imp's fans and dressed the imp before returning, and Liang Yuan also angrily sent more than a dozen micro-blogs saying "I manage you"!And said the imp fans malicious rumors, hope "God sent the voice" can release the original uncut video。

It's not easy to tell right from wrong for us melon eaters, but what kind of people are these two normally。

Kid's black material is not much, the first one is from the picture of the revelation we can see that the kid Wang Linkai a person occupied three seats, lying on the seat, the foot also stepped on the seat cushion。

The second is exposed to love, the company also came out to explain that it is not the kid himself issued, but soon on the network on the hammer kid and the opposite sex kissing photos, idol love will face is the powder, the kid is no exception。

The third is that the child concert dress style and live performance are too trendy, many netizens said that it is very like the "stage master" Hua Chenyu。

Kid concert stage

Hua Chenyu concert stage

Let's talk about Liang Yuan, this music critic's evaluation has good and bad, some say that he is sharp and professional, and some say that he likes all kinds of heat。

Small entertainment last heard the name or in his evaluation of Xu Song a few years ago, the article is too long directly on the final conclusion - Xu Song whether it is "creation" "production" or "singing" in the Chinese music world to talk about status that is - no。Also once said "Xu Song's level is lower than Hua Chenyu"。

It is well known that Xu Song and Hua Chenyu are completely different styles,Xu Song is from the 1990s network songs to climb out of the outstanding leader,And Hua Chenyu is a talent show,He has been trained by professional music since childhood,Liang Yuan must take these two very hot and controversial people together to compare,What do you think。

It was wonderful!"Xu Song is not as good as Hua Chenyu" music critic Liang Yuan and the kid against each other