The greatest sorrow of the 20th century: love, hide drugs, love wife derailment, and finally only ordinary is the antidote

When it comes to the most famous stars of the 20th century, how many people's minds will flash: the four Heavenly Kings?

Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai and Aaron Kwok became famous not overnight, not in one or two years, but throughout the last 20 years of the 20th century。

The four Heavenly Kings, Andy Lau is the most handsome, Jacky Cheung is the god of song, Aaron Kwok is the king of dance, and Leon Lai, in the minds of many post-90s, seems to have no deep impression on him。At a glance, there was no handsome Andy Lau, singing was not featured by Jacky Cheung, and dancing was basically unheard of。

So how did Dawn become one of the four Heavenly Kings?In fact, that is because the award is too much, 99 years after dawn clearly said: do not take the award, do not play。

How red it is when it's red?He made his debut in 90 years, and in 91 years, there was a trend to catch up with Jacky Cheung。Between 1992 and 93, 30 concerts were held in the Red Hall, and other places, including overseas concerts, were not good enough。94, in Japan and South Korea burst red, when the early Han mentioned dawn, star effect seconds kill later what boy group。

At that time, a popular phrase in Hong Kong and Taiwan circles was: Handsome can you handsome Leslie Cheung?Red Can you be red past dawn?It is said that Dawn has more fans than the other three combined, this I don't know, but you can imagine Dawn's "red"。There is a scene in Stephen Chow's movie "Sabotage" in which Stephen goes to buy tickets for Jacky Cheung's concert, and an old man shouts "I love Dawn", resulting in a group of Jacky Cheung fans beating him up。This bridge also reflects the degree of dawn red in that year from the side。

In 1996, "Sweet Honey", the second best ten films in the world, exploded in South Korea。

In the early days of his debut, Jeon gained attention because he participated in the shooting of Dawn's "If I Can see You Again" MV。

Now the most popular Han running male Jin Zhongguo, then and even now is the little fan brother of dawn。I remember that one year, when President Han gave a speech at a leading university in the Mainland, he said, "In Korea, there is no one who does not know dawn.。”

In 1997, Dawn also had a "ten fan league", which was unprecedented。

Why is dawn so hot?

First of all, the girls think he's too handsome。6 '8 "with a" comic book body"。

Some people describe the appearance of Liming: Liming is not the most handsome, but after watching other handsome men, you will find that Liming is the most handsome one。The skin is white, the features are not severe, but it looks like a white horse Tang monk's sense of asceticism。

Besides, Liming has a certain aristocratic air。It's kind of obvious by comparison?

And dawn treat fans gentle and polite, a few years ago to see his concert, because the time to delay, he will record n videos to explain。

Dawn is full of enigmatic charm, so that countless women are fascinated by him。Dawn once expressed confusion in an interview: Why do women like me?

However, probably because it is too easy to get, so it is not so cherish the people around it。Probably because red is smooth enough, dawn's life will have more twists and turns?And his childhood experience has created him such a seemingly no desire, casual but serious and single character。

What many people don't know is that Liming is actually a native of Beijing, just like Faye Wong?

Liming's father, an overseas Chinese from Indonesia, returned to China in the 1950s, bought a courtyard house in Mutton Hutong, settled down, and studied at Peking University。He met Liming's mother while studying at Peking University and married her after graduation。ps: Liming is not a bad mother either

Liming was born in Beijing on December 11, 1966。Shortly after Liming was born, his parents divorced, his father was imprisoned for various reasons, and Liming lived with his grandmother。

Liming has been introverted since childhood and does not like to talk. When he sees other children playing together, he does not dare to come forward。

Later, his father remarried and Liming had a stepmother。But the stepmother is not good to him, often to dawn loudly scold, often punch and kick。The father was busy making a living, and the little child had no place to cry and became more and more introverted。And when Dawn grew up to become an adult, he still subconsciously obeyed his stepmother's orders。

The mother-in-law who opened a grocery store next door saw him poor and often gave him sugar to eat, and he would take it to his grandmother to eat。

When Liming was 4 years old, the family moved to Hong Kong with his father。Just arrived in Hong Kong, because of the language barrier, dawn was excluded, for this reason, my father would find time to teach him Cantonese every day, until the first grade, his grades are good, there is no barrier to communication, was accepted by the classmates。

In 1978, 12-year-old Liming was admitted to junior high school with excellent results, when he fell in love with football, and missed classes for this, almost being expelled。At that time, who would have thought that this little boy with a face of baby fat would grow up to become the king of Asia?

In 1982, after graduating from Liming Middle School, he was sent to a British boarding school by his father to continue studying, and I can see that Li Fu's business is doing well。A few years later, he contracted hay fever due to an allergy to his nose and returned to Hong Kong from England to recuperate。

While recuperating in Hong Kong, Liming was discovered by talent scouts. Although Liming is quiet, his IQ and EQ are very high。He first took part in a singing contest called "Biquan Rising Star Contest" and won the championship。At that time, he was not able to win the ranking because he sang really well, and the judges later said that his handsome appearance was an important reason for giving him extra points。

Won the championship, but still no attention。

But dawn worship a good master, known as "music vampire" Dai Sicong。

Dai Sicong,Ben is the Godfather of Hong Kong Music,The students I have brought include Jacky Cheung, Lui Fong, Aaron Kwok, Anita Mui, Cheung Ming-min, Faye Wong, Kwong Mei-wan, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Li Jia-xin, Nicholas Tse...It can be said that students everywhere,But his "commission" is high,And Zheng Jiaying, Chen Xiaodong when they demanded high compensation and asked Chen Xiaodong to "raise him for life" and other reasons,Known as the "vampire of music",But that's all for another day。

In July 1986, Liming participated in the "Fifth New Talent Singing Contest", singing a representative song "Absolute emptiness" by famous singer CAI Fenghua, and won the third place in the contest, and then Liming signed a contract under the Huxing officially entered the show business。But he stayed in Huaxing for several years and never made an album。

So dawn guard in Dai Sicong door, Dai Sicong was finally moved, then accepted as a student, began to teach him vocal music, and help him quietly with another company "Pepsi live" signed a brokerage contract。

Dai Sicong is very optimistic about dawn, around to give him resources, grab position。

However, in those years, Liming was not completely idle. He signed a contract with a television company and acted in a TV series。Liming's father strongly opposes his entry into the entertainment industry, but is eventually convinced by Liming。In 1987, he participated in the TV series "True Colors of men", "Song Girl of the World" and "Back to Tangshan" and other TV series, has made him won a certain amount of attention。

However, dawn family is well off, TVB wages are low, most artists have a hard time haha, and Dawn often luxury sports cars in and out of the set, which has been a lot of Fei Fei words, said he showed off too high-profile。

After the company's top management failed to persuade him, they decided to hide him。Dawn went to Taiwan, and Qian Xiaohao co-shot a "Wind and Tide Age"。The TV series swept Taiwan and had a great impact。

Just as the TVB senior management changed, the new senior management appreciated Dawn, and invited him back to Hong Kong and tailor-made "People on the Edge" for him.。

The role is pleasing and let people pity, appearance level peak dawn quickly became a popular star。

Also this year, he eventually had Dai Si Cong teacher recommended, signed Polygram record company, in July of the same year, dawn finally released the first album "Meet in the rain", 1991, Dawn's album "Tonight you will not come" release, want to 70, 80 no one has not heard this song?

Also in 1991, Dawn starred in "This life without regret", after 70, 80 have also seen it?The show is still one of tvb's top Ten classics。

And then, the king...

Dawn's arrangement for life is never the end of the road

On December 12, 1999, Liming suddenly announced that he would no longer win awards, because in 2000, he had to do something new: "Instead focus on the promotion of new people, business operations and behind-the-scenes production direction."。

In fact, Dawn's "entertainment empire" has long been under construction。

In addition to the small investment, in 1995, the company at that time, due to internal troubles, managers and artists were diverted to different jobs, and Dawn gradually annexed the company's equity, took charge of the power, and became the boss。

In 2004, Liming and Lin Jianyue formed A Music East Asia Record Production Co., LTD."Pepsi Live" brokerage company also began to change its name to Best Live Entertainment Co., LTD., and began to involve film and television, modeling fields。Like Li Zhiting, Le Jier, Yongshan, etc. were once the artists of Dawn company。

Dawn may be the least "characteristic" of the four Heavenly Kings, but he is certainly the most business savvy, as well as the most wealthy king。He doesn't even know how much money he has。

But, uh,

Life is never full of highs, the lows are most often talked about

In 2009, Lai Ming's favorite disciple and one of the twins, Wei Shishue, was arrested in Japan for drug possession。A dozen years ago, this kind of thing would have been unheard of, and at one point all of Liming's companies were implicated。

Li boss very angry, but fortunately Li boss at this time there is love bottom。

In 2000, Liming met model Lok Ki 'er.On March 13, 2008, the couple married in the Maldives。

Born in 1980, before she met Li Ming, Le Jier was just a little-known model。She grew up in the United States, and Dawn has a completely different personality and living habits。

Leji just know dawn, dawn is having a love girlfriend - Shu Qi。

In 1998, Shu Qi met Lai Ming on the set of "City of Glass". Lai Ming was a superstar at the time, and Shu Qi had a bad name。

The affair has been a secret, because Dawn knows that his father will not approve of it, and his reputation prevents him from casually falling in love。

Although everyone knows it, on various occasions, Shu Qi always answers: We are not lovers。And during the relationship with Shu Qi, the gossip around dawn has never been broken, including Jin Xishan。

Finally overwhelmed and unable to look forward to the end of Shu Qi proposed to break up。

Shortly after breaking up with Shu Qi, dawn was burst with the love of Le Ji er, many people say Le Ji er is a substitute for Shu Qi, in fact, in my opinion, who is not a substitute for who, the kind of energetic energy is the dawn has always liked。

But Le Jier is not destined to live a dull life, she lively, unbristled, spirited。

Dawn sent her yacht, mansion...As long as Le Jier likes, he will all buy to each other, four years after marriage for her to spend 700 million。

But "people from different worlds at all, Liming likes to enjoy luxurious material life, buy yachts and private jets, and eat all high-end restaurants;Le Jier hopes to live a simple and lively life, even if it is only McDonald's。”

In 2012, the group of photos of Leji Er in Bali, so that the two people's secret marriage change is no longer unavoidable。

In Jin Baoli, Lai Ming's resources are always inferior to Jacky Cheung's, acting resources are not as good as Andy Lau, dancing is not as good as Aaron Kwok's Lai Ming, this time finally took back the first: became the first divorce among the four Heavenly Kings。

In June 2017, Lok and Ian, who runs an organic food business, announced their engagement and planned to get married。 On April 28, 2019, Le Jier posted a photo with the baby on the personal social platform to announce the success of the "unloading"。

Shu Qi also married a good friend Fung Delun, the news of the marriage was made public for the first time, Shu Qi finally came to the declaration and dream of marriage。

The dawn of reading thousands of sails, in 2018, fell in love with his second marriage female assistant A Wing and "harvested" a daughter in the same year。

Along the way, Liming has been surrounded by beautiful women, Wang Zuxian, Li Jiaxin, Zhou Huimin, Maggie Cheung, Jin Xishan, 濑户朝香, Xu Zishan...

Perhaps true and false, but there is no doubt that women fall in love with dawn。In the end, he probably also finally understood that only ordinary ordinary is the most real life。Words will not be easily confided, dawn is a big man, but it will make the woman around feel wronged。Without smooth communication, others do not know the crawling at dawn, only he himself understands it best。

The greatest sorrow of the 20th century: love, hide drugs, love wife derailment, and finally only ordinary is the antidote
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