Wang Binghao moved a big house, Liu Yanchi Paris crazy buying luxury goods, this netizen why jealous?

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Life has great wisdom, high-profile things, low-key life。

Nowadays, it is common for celebrities and public figures to share their life details and anecdotes on their personal social platforms。

Some people use social platforms as a free self-marketing channel, others as a digital notepad to record their lifestyle, and still others expose all aspects of life to the public, even leaving no privacy。

Either way, it's now time to test when the traffic password is coming。We all know that the Internet environment, traffic is king, is the most expensive resource。Only if you master this skill can you be invincible。Even public figures choose to make the most of it。

Shanghai two female hosts Wang Binghao, Liu Yanchi in the recent also shared some life, work stories, video release, attracted fans and netizens have been talking, there are also netizens opened the screen full of "sour taste", is simply "envy, jealousy" feeling hit。

Wang Binghao: After living for three years, I moved again!

Food host Wang Binghao has moved again。She shared the whole process from choosing a moving company, packing and moving into a new home via video。Direct call: Moving is really tired, but with the strong assistance of the moving company, everything is twice the result with half the effort。

In the video, she introduced the moving company found on the Internet, with good service and high technology, and only used 5,000 yuan for a full package。From packing, moving out to moving into a new house, Wang Binghao and her husband are almost "hands off to do the shopkeeper"。

Some netizens are very curious and leave a message: I have seen TV programs before, you said that you just bought a new house, moved a house, and let your father do supervision, and now you have changed a new house?

Some people pointed out that she advertised for the moving company, and the moving company gave you a few discounts for the host?

Some even think that buying and selling in such a short time is not in line with the law and so on。

In the face of the message, Wang Binghao also admitted that the original house is too small, things can not be loaded, want to change a bigger house to accommodate items, this is renting, the plan can not keep up with changes。

At the end of the video, Wang Binghao repeatedly recommended the experience of the super good moving company, let her feel quite deep。Also expressed the house that lived for three years, all emptied within a few hours, but also thanks to the service of the moving company in place。

The whole content is just to express the process of moving, praised the quality of service of the moving company, but attracted some users of the "sour" message, more overflow a little jealousy。

Liu Yanchi: Shopping in Paris

In late February, fashion host Liu Yanchi and his team flew to Paris to cover a fashion Week event。In her social platform, there are already ladies leisurely drinking coffee in front of the triumphal gate, and there are celebrities wearing luxury suits to take street photos。In short, this fashion style is overflowing the screen, and she took this attitude and lifestyle as a show theme。

Before returning to Shanghai, Liu Yanchi recorded a video about her booty。In front of the camera, luxury bags are piled all over the floor, and she relishes the purpose of the loot。For example, some are going to give people a high-level gift, there are friends to buy her brand-name bags, and finally have their own favorite high-grade women's shoes。

After this series of operations, netizens left a message saying: Buy so much, come back without tax?

In response to the problem, Liu Yanchi also responded generously: There are a lot of people in the same industry, and everyone is allocated within a reasonable price range, and they are acting in accordance with the regulations。

This wave of luxury buying in Paris, she really earned enough eye economy, but also brought a wave of new traffic。For the brand, she is not only a fashion show host, but also a fashion buyer with vision and economic strength。For netizens, her person has been labeled as "gold" and "noblewoman"。

On the return flight, Liu Yanchi once again taught how to take care of skin care tips in the airplane cabin。In front of the camera, the barefaced Liu Yanchi opened the skincare operation, saw a wash and blurted out the function of each brand。You look like a beauty blogger。

But all this still attracted the dissatisfaction of netizens A, frankly: do not understand the principle of skin care on the plane is what?Can't you get off the plane?Insist on skincare on the plane?

Netizen B: Bring goods live。

Obviously, some netizens do not like her operation。

There is no need for public figures to show off their lives?

Whether it is Wang Binghao sun moving story, Liu Yanchi big show to Paris to buy luxury goods, in fact, these female hosts are very personal life stories。

First of all, the social platform is a self-media channel, and any creator can release videos through channels to share shows that are meant to convey a better life and tell personal views。Ordinary people can, famous hosts, public figures have the same right to publish。

Secondly, in the current era of traffic, no one will be limited to a single channel to develop themselves。Not to mention well-known hosts, they host programs on the screen, is the work arranged by the director and producer。But getting off the screen and recording your personal story in the form of a VLOG is also an opportunity for marketing, exposure, and representation。

Some netizens think that the two people are so crazy about their life stories, in fact, is a show performance。Looking closely at the comments section, it is not difficult to find that some of the comments are not friendly, and even some signs of war。

In fact, the jealousy and envy mentality of netizens are normal emotional feedback. In an open social platform, every publisher is the master to guide the topic, and the opinion comments are also the embodiment of the personal freedom of speech of netizens。As long as the comments do not touch on harm, slander others, in the face of a hundred flowers contend with a hundred messages, public figures must have a certain "ability to resist pressure", reply to a joke, a simple expression is also a kind of cultivation。


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Wang Binghao moved a big house, Liu Yanchi Paris crazy buying luxury goods, this netizen why jealous?
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