Qatar World Cup Round of 32 | 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, can lead the young Portugal to the top?

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, Nov. 15 (Reporter Xu Dongyuan)Portugal recently announced the 26-man squad for the World Cup in Qatar, and 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo will play for the fifth time。

Compared to the last World Cup, more than half of the squad are new people who will participate in the World Cup for the first time。

On June 30, 2018, Portugal lost 2-1 to Uruguay in the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Russia。Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (left) passes Uruguay's goalkeeper Jose Muslera as he celebrates his victory。Photo by Ye Pingan, Xinhua News Agency

In 2006, Figo, the core of Portugal's "golden generation", and a young Ronaldo played together in the World Cup, finishing fourth, which was the team's best World Cup result since 1966。Four years ago, Portugal failed to reach the round of 16。This time, coach Santos hopes that the team led by C Ronaldo can win the championship trophy。

Although Ronaldo's form has declined this season and the controversy surrounding him has never stopped, there is no doubt that Ronaldo is still an especially important member of the Portuguese team - both in spirit and in the technical and tactical level。

There are currently only four players in the world who have played in five World Cups。In Qatar, Ronaldo will not only make his fifth World Cup appearance, but also look to break another world record - becoming the player to score in five consecutive World Cups。

Leo, who plays for AC Milan, scores during the 15th round of Serie A football match on November 13。Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Alberto Lingelia)

In Portugal's forward line, the young Leo, who has emerged in recent years at AC Milan, will play an important role as the main player responsible for the promotion task。His stable play will be an important guarantee for the smooth operation of the team's offense。However, the absence of main striker Jota is a major loss。

The midfield, led by Bernardo Silva and Fernndez, is both creative and reliable。"Big Paris" midfield main force Vitinia and Mario with the same strength。

On March 29, Portugal defeated North Macedonia 2-0 in the final of Group C of the European World Cup qualifying play-off in Qatar to qualify for the World Cup finals。Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Pepe celebrate after the match。Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Pedro Fiusa)

In defence, veteran Pepe is a spiritual leader, but whether his age of 39 will affect his playing time and form remains to be seen。Another fighter Cancello is both experience and strength, although the form has ups and downs, but his presence on the right side often makes opponents have to slow down。

In the group stage, Portugal are in Group H with Uruguay, South Korea and Ghana, with their opening match against Ghana on November 24。They will also play a warm-up match against Nigeria in Lisbon on the 17th。In the group stage, Portugal only strive for the group first, in order to avoid early in the knockout stage and Brazil meet。

This World Cup, the overall value of the Portuguese team ranks at the forefront。Santos said in an interview: "I want to lead Portugal to the top of the world, we must have this ambition。I have confidence in the quality of the players and in my own coaching ability and believe we can get a good result。”

Qatar World Cup Round of 32 | 37-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo, can lead the young Portugal to the top?
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