Wu Yifan was sentenced to 13 years, when the three female celebrities who supported him, now how are they?



Editorial | Dae-sung Son

On November 25, the first trial results of Wu's case were released。He was sentenced to 13 years in prison and deported。

He was also fined 600 million yuan for tax evasion。

Netizens were delighted with the result。

No one sympathized with Kris Wu. Everyone felt he deserved what he got。

At the same time, many netizens remembered the three female celebrities who supported Wu。

Now that Kris Wu has been convicted, what about the three female celebrities who supported him?

01.Six six, career damage, social accounts blocked

66 is a well-known screenwriter。

Like the scriptwriting, she is undoubtedly successful, and her plays like the scriptwriting's "Wang GUI and Anna", "Double-face Tape", "Snail House", "Heart art", "Baby" and "Settling Down" are loved by the audience。

She not only gained fame for these works, but also earned a profit。

In 2010, he ranked 20th on the 5th Chinese Writers' Rich List。

While she did a lot of controversial things after fame and fortune, it was her remarks about Wu that had the biggest impact on her career。

In 2016, Wu Yifan and little G Na things made a fuss。

At that time in the face of this matter, 66 not only did not let little G Na speak for the same woman, but also scolded her cheap, said she came from the brothel。

What hurts more is that she actually said that Wu Yifan slept with female fans, which is the welfare of female fans。

It must be said that 66 no longer holds the normal three views。

She so beautify Wu Yifan, Wu Yifan is good for her?

As the saying goes, hang out always have to return, everyone is responsible for their own words and deeds。

In July 2021, Kris Wu was arrested, and 66's remarks were mentioned again。

She issued a letter of apology based on remarks made five years ago。

She said that five years ago, she was holding the mentality of the melon eaters to make comments, and did not realize the seriousness of the matter。

Now he despises Kris Wu and thinks he deserves it。

She also said her son could not stand her comments。

The son said to her: "Why do you evaluate Wu Yifan, you hurt girls so much, you are a girl yourself?。”

After much deliberation, she decided to apologize to the public and her son, saying, "I am a public figure, I must cultivate my morals and words, read more books and study more.。”

She also said that this incident gave her son a warning: there must be traces, can not play with the world, play with feelings。

After finishing this sentence, Liu said that in order to punish himself, he did not send microblog for half a year。

But after saying this sentence, she could not send it because the platform blocked her。

Now that Wu Yifan has been sentenced, how is 66 now?

First of all, it can be said that because of this incident, her fame has plummeted。

Again, her career suffered, and few people in the circle sought her screenwriting work。Recently, she successfully got the screenwriter's new work "After Wave", starring Wu Gang, Zhao Lusi, Luo Yizhou, Zhang Meng, Jiang Shan and so on。

After the news of the shooting of the show, many netizens left comments to boycott the scriptwriter's work, which is an unfair view。

It has to be said that 66 did play a good hand, but who is to blame?

02.Ma Weiwei, career ruined, disappeared

Ma Weiwei is a typical example of a successful suicide。

Ma Weiwei, who was born in Guizhou province in 1981 and moved to Beijing at the age of 34, is best known for her role in "The Wonderful Story"。

With such a reputation, she hosted "Black and white Planet" "Aisi not si" and other programs, acting career thriving, the future is unlimited。

But she just wanted to make comments that undermined Wu Yifan and little G Na。

She says celebrity sleeping powder is a boon to fans。

She also asked netizens who thought celebrity sleeper fans were black spots to unfollow her。

She even had the audacity to say that she was watching Kris Wu and believed she would make money sooner or later。

It seems she still wants to have some stories with Kris Wu。

However, she will never see Kris Wu again。In July 2021, Wu was arrested。

After Wu's arrest, Ma Weiwei, like Liu Liu, was also hotly debated by netizens。

Seeing this situation, Ma Weiwei thought of apologizing, but she was one step behind sixty-six, and her tuba was banned。

In desperation, Ma Weiwei can only open a small account to apologize。

She said that what happened with Wu this time was beyond her imagination, and that her standard relationship has always been: adult, consensual and private。

But using their power and resources to coerce others, even to assault minors, is what animals do。

She said that she actually spoke for such people, tantamount to being a tiger's pawn, "As a woman I am ashamed, as a person I am ashamed.。”

With that, she apologized to everyone。She said she felt insecure about her online friends who had been expecting her and about being a woman, which made her caring parents and partners feel ashamed。

She has no complaints about being scolded now。She said: "I was once a divorced woman with nothing, it was women who helped me, I dare not be ungrateful。”

She said she didn't know how to save "such a stupid and arrogant self."。

Eventually, she decided to leave showbiz。"It can be long, it can be short, it can be a lifetime," she said。”

Now that Wu has been sentenced, what about Ma Weiwei?

To be honest, it's not as good as it used to be。

In addition to her bad reputation, she hasn't had any acting work since 2021。

It could even be casually said that she has "disappeared" from the entertainment industry。

But even so, there are still many netizens did not forgive her。

When the news of Wu's sentencing came out, many netizens flooded her social media account, asking her to accompany Wu to prison, saying that Wu may like her。It has to be said that the comments are "hurtful", but who can blame it?

An adult must take responsibility for his words and actions and pay the price accordingly。

03.Su Mang, word of mouth is down, career is down

Once known as the "devil of the fashion world", Su Mang founded magazines such as Fashion Health and Bazaar Men, and served as the editor-in-chief of Bazaar and president of the Fashion Group。

When she was in charge of Harper's Bazaar, traffic was so close, whoever was popular was on the front page。

Therefore, as a top flow artist, Kris Wu appeared on the cover of Harper's Bazaar for three consecutive years after returning from South Korea。

This led Su Mang and Wu Kris to establish a deep "friendship"。

Therefore, after the exposure of Kris Wu's small G Na case in 2016, she chose to support Kris Wu without hesitation。

She wrote on her social media account: "How much glory you can take, how much slander you can take。I support you!Darkness can never suppress light。”

Su Mang's words and deeds describe Wu Yifan as "the son of light"。

Since then, she has remained in close contact with Wu。

In 2019, Kris Wu held a concert, and she also attended to support him。She also broke the rainbow of conventions on her social media account, writing: "Everything down to earth。”

When she was a co-producer of the variety show "Fashion Partners," she also made Kris Wu the show's main coffee。

It is worth mentioning that Wu also wanted to attack Zhao Jinmai in this program。Without Angelababy's help, Zhao Jinmai would have been bullied by Kris Wu。

Here, Angelababy deserves to be named and praised。

Luckily, Skynet wasn't lost。In July 2021, Wu was still under arrest。

After Wu Yifan was arrested, Su Mang and 66, Ma Wei were scolded by netizens。

Unlike 66 and Ma Weiwei issued an apology, Su Mang did not say a word and allowed public opinion to rage。

Now Kris Wu has been convicted, what happened to Su Mang?

Su Mang has lost its former style。

First, her reputation was damaged by her support for Kris Wu。

The second reason is that she has opted out of fashion。

After leaving the platform, she was nothing in the eyes of some celebrities。

A very simple example, she once said that she and Zhang Ziyi have been good friends for more than ten years。

As a result, they attended an event together in 2021 and posed for a group photo with others。

When Zhang Ziyi posted her photo, it was cut out。

That's not the kind of thing you can do when you've been friends for a decade。

In addition, last year when she participated in the reality show 50 Km Peach Garden, she was scolded by netizens for saying that 650 yuan was not enough for breakfast。

Many netizens said that she really "how not to eat minced meat"。

Soumang's reputation has fallen again。

Although she explained that the 650 yuan was a meal for 21 people, not many people believed her anymore。

Now, Su Mang's career has declined, his fame has declined, and his glory is no longer there。

Finally to participate in a fashion event, we found that she is much older, completely without the "fashion demon king" halo。

Do not know whether Su Mang regret in the dead of night to support Wu Yifan it?


The entertainment industry is a huge vanity fair with complicated relationships。

But anyway, I still hope that the insiders can have the right three views, and stop disgusting the public。

No matter what industry you are engaged in, morality first。

Only with good character, can go forward。

Wu Yifan was sentenced to 13 years, when the three female celebrities who supported him, now how are they?
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